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About EstMSA

The Estonian Medical Students’ Association, or EstMSA for short, is an organization that connects the medical students of Estonia. Founded between 1989 and 1991, EstMSA is based in the city of Tartu, which is hosting the only medical faculty in Estonia.

One of the main objectives of EstMSA is to contribute to an ever evolving and continually more professional generation of new doctors. We organize a lot of events for our members’ growth and development in order for them to become better caregivers for their patients and Estonian society as a whole. EstMSA also participates actively in discussions regarding the future of medicine both on the local and national level. We aim to be involved in the continued growth and development of the field of healthcare as much as possible.

Another important objective is the health and wellbeing of the people in our country. We organize numerous events to raise awareness about the physical and mental aspects of health, and to stress the importance of taking charge of one’s own health. In schools, we provide comprehensive sexuality education classes, and organize mental health awareness and first aid seminars. For younger children we host teddy bear hospitals, where they learn about basic first aid, with the aim to alleviate their anxiety over medical treatment and personnel. We also focus on the elderly population by educating them on how to maintain their health and keep active.


EstMSA is also working with birth and parenting courses, where our members educate young parents on vaccination and address general vaccine related myths and misconceptions.

EstMSA is a National Member Organization of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) since 1993. EstMSA’s structure is derived from that of IFMSA – we have:

  • Standing Committees on Public Health (SCOPH);

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV and AIDS (SCORA);

  • Human Rights and Peace (SCORP);

  • Medical Education (SCOME);

  • Professional Exchange (SCOPE);

  • Research Exchange (SCORE).

EstMSA also has additional Standing Committees on Involvement in Science, Environmental Health, Social Events, Sports and Physical Activity, and Curare – our magazine.

Our vision is that one day the healthiest and happiest people in the world live in Estonia!


Vice President for External Affairs

Regarding IFMSA exchange


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